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29. - 30. September 2021
Virtual Event

TSN/A Conference

Review 2020

Digital conference with broad international participation

The TSN/A Conference took place for the fifth time on 7-8 October, but still had its premiere: for the first time in the form of a virtual conference, the event reached 210 participants from over 20 countries. 

Time Sensitive Networking - or TSN for short - played only a marginal role in the keynote speech by Volker Bibelhausen, CEO at Weidmüller. Bibelhausen took his presentation much further and explained the strategic course the automation industry must take in the coming years. Based on the vision of an Industry 4.0, which is now almost 10 years old, he described in a very practice-oriented manner the parameters that influence this vision. Influenced by how the limits of globalisation and thus also customer behaviour are changing. But also how the still vague vision of data-driven business models on the one hand and the influence of renewable energy sources on the other hand will affect digital eco and communication systems and their corresponding technologies - á la TSN. 

After the rather visionary part of the conference, the conference moved directly into the ongoing standardisation activities: Dr. Janos Farkas and Gino Masini (Ericsson), Ludwig Winkel (L.A.N. Winkel), and Craig Gunther (Craig Gunther Consulting) gave a current update on the standards IEEE 802.1, IEC/IEEE 60802, P802.1DG and 3GPP.The virtual programme continued with two thematic sessions, "5G and TSN" and "Software, Systems & Open Source". The presentations in the 5G slot focused on what 5G deployment scenarios can look like, what lessons can already be learned from real 5G/TSN testbeds and how real time-sensitive networking over 5G campus networks already is today. The software slot focused on roadmaps to a mature open source ecosystem for TSN. But also how applications can be activated with TSN via free open source solutions and what the architecture of switched endpoints under Linux can look like. 

The second day focused on the use of TSN in industry and the automotive sector. Peter Lutz from the OPC Foundation explained the status quo of the OPC UA over TSN standardisation. Lukas Wüsteney (Hirschmann Automation) and Alen Mehmedagic (Schneider Electric) then reported on their experiences with prototyping OPC UA over TSN. In particular, the aspect of how to benefit from the experience of the respective other industry and which synergies can be achieved between the industrial and automotive sectors was given special attention on this day.


The TSNA conference 2020 provided insights into the increasing adoption of Time Sensitive Networking (TSN). This is an event where real problems with technology adoption are discussed and solutions proposed. The virtual platform was very effectively managed to overcome the barriers of remote interaction. Avik Bhattacharya, Keysight


TSNA Conference Booklet 2020


Review 2019

How far has TSN progressed? What role does Time Sensitive Networking play in a world of Smart Factories, Smart Cities and Smart Vehicles in future? That were questions the more than 420 participants, speakers and exhibitors intended to bottom out at the TSN/A Conference on October 08-09 in Bad Homburg, Germany.

"Even though the IEEE has set many standards for Time Sensitive Networking since 2005, a lot can still go wrong," says David McCall, Intel,  in his keynote speech to open the international TSN/A Conference. McCall points out some pitfalls that still stand in the way of a technology breakthrough, but also gives tips on how all participants can work together to avoid this.The morning of the first day was dedicated to standards and profiles. Dr. Stefan Poledna of TTTech heralded the afternoon with a prophecy in his keynote that the trend towards autonomous vehicles would make TSN the most important communication technology in the vehicle.

After this excursion into the automotive world, the topics of the first day were security aspects, TSN configuration models and redundancy mechanisms for high availability of TSN networks.The second day offered four thematic sessions: 5G and TSN, Systems and Open Source, Industrial and last but not least Automotive.
The 5G keynote by Dr. Andreas Müller, chairman of ACIA, had its premiere this year. He clearly highlighted the possible TSN-over-5G functionalities that could shape factory communication in the future.    

The TSN/A Conference was staged for the third time in this form. It is the continuation of the German Industrial Ethernet TSN Congress of WEKA FACHMEDIEN and the international TSNA Congress of the AVNU Alliance, focusing in particular on TSN aspects of industrial automation, the automobile industry and the consumer world.

Video TSN/A Conference 2019





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