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09 - 11 April 2024

embedded world Conference 2024

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Bluetooth SIG

With close to 4 billion products shipping per year, Bluetooth technology is the global standard for simple, secure wireless connections. Submission selecting the topic “11.09 Bluetooth SIG”.

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Edge AI and Vision Alliance

The Edge AI and Vision Alliance is a worldwide industry partnership bringing together technology providers and end-product companies to accelerate the adoption of edge AI and vision in products. Abstract sumission: "11.12 Edge AI and Vision Alliance"

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Formal Verificiation Special Track

The software verification track is coordinated by Roberto Bagnara, professor of Computer Science at the University of Parma (Italy). Submit your abstract selecting topic "6.6 Formal Verification".

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Global Certification Forum

The Global Certification Forum (GCF) has been shaping the communications industry since 1999 with mobile technology at its core. Submit your abstract selecting topic "11.04 GCF".

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MIPI Alliance

Founded in 2003, MIPI Alliance is a collaborative global organization developing the world’s most comprehensive set of interface specifications for mobile and mobile-influenced products. Submissions selecting the topic "11.05 MIPI".

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The MISRA C and MISRA C++ guidelines have become the de facto industry standard for high reliability software development, most notably in the automotive industry (cited explicitly by ISO 26262, and called out by AUTOSAR) but used across...

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The Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL) eG provides legal and technical support on a community basis to use Open Source software in industrial products. Submit to the OSADL track by selecting "11.08: OSADL".

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PICMG is a nonprofit consortium of companies and organizations that collaboratively develop open standards for high performance telecommunications, military, industrial, and general purpose embedded computing applications. Topic 11.14 PICMG.

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Deadline for abstract submission: 29 September 2023

We invite you to contribute your talk/technical paper or class to the 22nd edition of the embedded world Conference 2024 in Nuremberg. The event is dedicated to all aspects of the development and application of embedded systems, from fundamental technologies to development processes and special fields of applications. It is one of the essential strengths of the event to be cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary. The conference brings together experts from dif-ferent domains and application areas of embedded systems in order to promote a holistic system design approach, to identify synergies, and to strengthen the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

The audience are competent, knowledge-hungry embedded system developers, specialists, and project and product managers, who look for an intense exchange of ideas with the community.

You are invited to present future-oriented technologies and solutions, new ideas and smart concepts for efficient development and life cycle processes. Use your presentation to initiate discussions and to help other engineers and managers to benefit from your experience.

Present a technical paper, describe practical insights in a hands-on workshop, outline your experience from imple-mentation projects or present prototypes and application examples. Talks should be substantial, insightful and educational.

Submissions promoting commercial technologies and products will not be accepted. Application related contributions from research and pre-development are welcome to enrich the program.

In addition to presentation slots in the technical sessions, we also invite you as a lecturer of a “class” for either half or full day classes. A “class” deals with an in-depth topic interactively with participants.

The Program Committee looks forward to receiving your submission by 29 September 2023.


Internet of Things – Platforms & Applications
Connectivity Solutions
Embedded OS
Safety & Security
Board Level Hardware Engineering
Systems & Software Engineering
Embedded Vision
Autonomous & Intelligent Systems
System-on-Chip (SoC) Design
Green and Sustainable Engineering
Special Calls for Papers


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