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21 - 23 June 2022

embedded world Conference 2022


Change of date: embedded world Exhibition&Conference 2022 to be held in June

Established in Nuremberg back in March 2003, the embedded world Conference is celebrating the 20th anniversary in 2022. The original concept of a unique combination of an exhibition for engineers and technical management on one hand and a world-leading conference at the intersection of applied research and industrial applications on the other hand has proven extremely successful. embedded world Exhibition & Conference is driven by technology as well as applications with a strong focus on system and cross domain aspects.

We see three ongoing trends that are defining the slogan of this year’s anniversary edition:

• intelligent: One of the predecessor events of the embedded world was dedicated to “Embedded Intelligence”. What was more of a dream at the time, has become reality – a cutting edge past and a long promising road ahead! And of course, embedded systems also play a major role in the AI technology ecosystem. Along with the increasing autonomy of devices, the consideration of ethical and social aspects will be an important challenge.
• connected: Embedded systems are becoming more and more connected. On the one hand, connectivity is bare necessity for the Internet of Things. On the other hand, it is especially this connectivity, which drives the technological advances.
• embedded: Finally, we see a steadily growing use of embedded systems. Embedded vision and embedded radar are just two prominent examples. At the same time, system complexity increases and additional aspects must be considered, ranging from embedded software architectures to hardware-software-co-design, safety and security aspects, RTOS integration and virtualization, value, production and supply chains, and many more.

conference chairman

Prof. Dr. Axel Sikora, Offenburg University/Hahn-Schickard

Prof. Dr. Axel Sikora
Conference Chairman
Offenburg University/Hahn-Schickard

Conference keynotes 2021:

Dr. Reinhard Ploss, CEO Infineon Technologies AG
How to Build Embedded Intelligent Systems for a Post-Pandemic World

Prof. Dr. Peter Liggesmeyer, Fraunhofer IESE
Engineering Smart Ecosystems

Randall Restle, Digi-Key
Modern Embedded Engineering: Where we are and our Exciting Future

Kevin Dallas, Wind River
Challenges of Digital Transformation for the New Intelligent Edge

Impressions ewC in Nuremberg

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embedded world Exhibition&Conference 2022

embedded world Exhibition&Conference is the global platform of the embedded community to exchange information and discover the latest trends, products and technologies.


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