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14. November 2019
ICM Munich

electronica Medical Electronics Conference

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Dr. Billy Sperlich, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg

Prof. Dr. Billy Sperlich

Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg

Thursday, 14. November 2019 Keynote: Monitoring to Improve Health & Performance

 Michel Fornasier, aka Bionicman

Michel Fornasier

aka Bionicman

Thursday, 14. November 2019 Keynote: Living with a Bionic Hand

 Markus Bönig, Vitabook

Markus Bönig


Thursday, 14. November 2019 Keynote: Predictive Healthcare


in alphabetical order

 Andrew Baker, Maxim Integrated

Andrew Baker

Maxim Integrated

Thursday, 14. November 2019 Technology for Smart Medical Wearables Enables Better Health Monitoring

 Lukas Bernhard, Klinikum rechts der Isar der TUM

Lukas Bernhard

Klinikum rechts der Isar der TUM

Thursday, 14. November 2019 Intuitive Orchestration of Context-Sensitive Surgical Assistance Systems

 Reiner Duwe, Real-Time Innovations (RTI)

Reiner Duwe

Real-Time Innovations (RTI)

Thursday, 14. November 2019 Bridging the Digital Divide: A Practical Guide to Connected Healthcare

Prof. Dr. Chris Elliott, Leman Micro Devices

Prof. Dr. Chris Elliott

Leman Micro Devices

Thursday, 14. November 2019 Tools not Toys – Regulated Medical Devices Bundled with Phones

 Peter Ferguson, Arm

Peter Ferguson


Thursday, 14. November 2019 Connected Patients: Challenges of trusting and sharing devices and data at scale

Dr. Alissa Jell, Klinikum rechts der Isar der TUM

Dr. Alissa Jell

Klinikum rechts der Isar der TUM

Thursday, 14. November 2019 Challenge Big Data in Biomedicine: Long-term High-Resolution Impedance Manometry (LTHRIM) of the Esophagus

 Wilfried Kirsch, softScheck

Wilfried Kirsch


Thursday, 14. November 2019 Security Testing Medical Apps

 Gesa Kniebühler, TÜV SÜD

Gesa Kniebühler


Thursday, 14. November 2019 From MDD to MDR: Changes for active devices incorporating software

Dr. Karsten Königstein, Sinfosy

Dr. Karsten Königstein


Thursday, 14. November 2019 Health-IT: One Step Further in Making our Hospitals Digital

 Thorsten Langenhan, AVQ

Thorsten Langenhan


Thursday, 14. November 2019 Artificial Intelligence and MDR – Verification possible?

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Pohl, softScheck

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Pohl


Thursday, 14. November 2019 Security Testing Medical Apps

 Roeen Roashan, IHS Markit

Roeen Roashan

IHS Markit

Thursday, 14. November 2019 5G and Healthcare: Real World Performance Data on 5G Shows Potential in Healthcare

Prof. Dr. Wieland Voigt, Nanovation-GS

Prof. Dr. Wieland Voigt


Thursday, 14. November 2019 A Novel Wearable Device for Monitoring Lung Function from Tidal Breathing

 Tobias Zillner, Alpha Strike Labs

Tobias Zillner

Alpha Strike Labs

Thursday, 14. November 2019 500.000 Recalled Pacemakers, 2 Billion $ Stock Value Loss


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