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14. November 2019
ICM-International Congress Center Munich

electronica Medical Electronics Conference

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The second electronica Medical Electronics Conference (eMEC)

will take place on November 14, 2019. Speakers from the fields of biomedical technology, artificial intelligence and communication, for example, can submit their papers until June 18, 2019. The electronica Medical Electronics Conference (eMEC) is organized by Messe München and WEKA Fachmedien. The lecture program ranges from electronic components and assemblies to systems and devices to doctors and patients.

The main topics of eMEC 2019 include safety & security, smart monitoring, power supply, usability, wearables and implants. During the eMEC, the individual topics and the interaction of all aspects will be discussed from the perspective of both sectors - medicine and electronics. Presentations could therefore be given on the following topics, but you are of course welcome to submit papers on other topics as well:

  • Smart Medical Devices for a self-determined life for patients
  • (Collaborative) Robots
  • Microsystems diagnostics (keyword Lab-on-Chip)
  • Telemedicine in its most different forms
  • Fitness tracking applications: From Smartphone and Smart Watch to the Cloud
  • Big Data / Artificial Intelligence in Diagnostics and Disease Prevention
  • AR and VR in treatment and surgery
  • Actuation in the patient environment (e.g. insulin pumps, prosthetics)
  • New sensor concepts in medicine
  • MDR
  • Imaging techniques in medicine
  • Safety and Security in Medical Electronics: From Cyber-Security to Patient Safety

Please submit your presentation proposals by June 18, 2019 via our online tool!

We look forward to your submission!

Call for Papers



 Susan Rau, Messe München

Susan Rau
Project Consultant
Messe München

Phone: +49 89 949-20364

 Melanie Ehrhardt, WEKA FACHMEDIEN

Melanie Ehrhardt
Redaktion/Editorial MEDIZIN+elektronik

Phone: +49 89 25556 1346


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