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10 - 11 April 2024

electronic displays Conference 2024

Topics of electronic displays Conference

Display Technologies
LCD, OLED, LED, e-paper, flexible displays, projection, micro-LEDs, Quantum Dots ...

Display Applications
E-signage, automotive, vehicular, avionic, consumer, industrial, information, medical, mobile, requirements …

Augemented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR/MR)
Smart glasses, microdisplays, software, applications ...

Driving and Interfaces
Display and graphics controller, software, FPGA, LVDS, HDMI, embedded DisplayPort, SPI displays ...

Touch Screens
Techniques, technologies, software, optimisations, haptic feedback, gestures, touchless approaches ...

Software, methods, solutions, evaluation ...

3D Technologies and Applications
3D displays, reproduction, software, evaluation ...

Display Measurement and Metrology
Display and image quality, ambient light, lifetime …

System Integration
Embedded systems, mechanics, lifetime, environmental conditions, ruggedizing, EMI ...

Display Subassemblies and Components
Backlight, surfaces, integration, power supply ...

Supply Chain
Quality assurance, customized displays, reliability, logistics, inspection methods ...

Market Data and Trends
Display technologies, touch, interfaces, applications,supply and demand, cost of ownership, investments …


Important Deadlines & Information

Abstract Submission: until 09. October 2023
Notification of authors: November 2023
Paper or presentation for edC proceedings: 25. March 2024

Requirements for submission:
Login with existing account or create new account
Contact data incl. biography/CV (only for new accounts), presentation title, short abstract (max. 1,000 characters)
If all is well prepared, the submission can be done in 15 minutes! For any questions or further details, please contact the edC chairman Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Blankenbach (


Please note:

The conference language is English. The approximate speaking slot for each speaker is 20 minutes, except keynotes. Posters are as well available. Conference participants and speakers will have various backgrounds and areas of interest. They will come from both industry and academia along the value chain of electronic displays and professional display systems. The mixture of presentations and networking like author interviews allow ample opportunities to encounter new ideas and to exchange your views with experts.The committee appreciates an additional paper of your online submission with text and figures in order to ease the evaluation process. Please note that this is not mandatory. If you plan to add a paper for the submission, you can use our template which is also an option for the final proceedings of edC. If you would like to do so, please request via email by After you have finalized the online submission, please sent the paper as pdf to as well.


 How to submit your proposal:
Until 09. October 2023 you can submit your abstract here!  

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