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13. - 14. October 2020
Virtual Conference

Automotive SerDes Conference


The only event worldwide especially for Automotive SerDes

The very first Automotive SerDes Conference is going to happen virtually on 13-14 October 2020 and we are happy to inform you that the program is online and registration is open now!



In-vehicle cameras and displays are often connected to the image-processing ECU via a SerDes (serializer/deserializer) connection. The SerDes market is characterized by double-digit growth rates as new applications are continuously emerging. The Automotive SerDes Conference will provide a comprehensive overview of the current and upcoming market situation within the entire SerDes environment – from proprietary solutions to new standards (ASA/MIPI) to asymmetric Ethernet.
Be a part of the Automotive SerDes Conference 2020. The only event worldwide that specifically focuses on Automotive SerDes – with technical papers and experience reports.



This conference will be provided in English    

Central European Time     




  • Virtual conference with high interactivity and event feeling
  • Find contacts via the attendees list and get in touch
  • Choose your preferred way of communication: Live Chats, Video-Calls and appointments
  • Networking and Matchmaking: The platforms offers a variety of options for attendees to meet each other
  • open chat meeting place in the lobby
  • chat in the conference room
  • networking carousel with video calls
  • suggested contacts based on interests (matchmaking)
  • 1:1 video calls, chats and appointments
  • Virtual stage with interaction possibilities such as Q&A, Polls, Open-Chat
  • All lectures will be recorded and can be re-watched afterwards
  • Sponsor platform with company profiles and many options to get in contact
Dr. Ingo Kuss,

Dr. Ingo Kuss
Editor-in-Chief Markt&Technik

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