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30. - 31. March 2022
Science Congress Center Munich

Automotive Ethernet Congress

The Automotive Ethernet Congress 2021

For the seventh time in a row, the Automotive Ethernet Congress opened its doors: However, due to the Corona pandemic, this time the conference took place in digital form and spread over three days. Thus, 270 attendees, speakers and exhibitors were able to learn about the technological progress of Ethernet in the vehicle from February 09 to 11, 2021, in two keynotes, 17 presentations, three workshops and two showrooms.  

Automated driving, connectivity, digitalization, electrification  - the automotive industry is undergoing the greatest transformation in its history. Automobile manufacturers and their suppliers must quickly adapt to radical changes, and not only because of ever-increasing competition and cost pressure. Technologies from consumer electronics must also be taken up quickly, which digitalization is pushing into the vehicle. End consumers no longer just expect their vehicles to transport them safely - but above all to offer functions that they are used to from their mobile devices. This requires a high-performance vehicle network. However, various technologies are available for the vehicle network, some of which address very similar use cases. This raises the question "Is the diversity of technologies really an advantage or is it not better to combine the entire IVN under one technology?"

This question will also have to be answered at the eighth Automotive Ethernet Congress in spring 2022 - hopefully again as a face-to-face event in Munich.


"A big applause to the organizers! One of the best digital conferences I have participated during this pandemic. The content and topics were excellent, like previous years. The platform was outstanding, which made the digital experience a very smooth one."  Dr. Ahmed Majeed Khan, Siemens Digital Industries Software

"AEC always provides the latest technology updates of IVNs and perfect platform to meet ecosystem partners. Even with the Digital event this year, the event platform had all the facilities to keep the participants and presenters interact well." Nagaramya Jayagopal, Intel Deutschland GmbH

"The Automotive Ethernet Congress has not been just an event, from its year one it has been a place to harness the automotive ethernet ecosystem. Here the stakeholders can interact and learn the pros and cons of the technology, validation challenges for the technology in the ecosystem." Avik Bhattacharya, Sr. Product Manager, Keysight.
“This all-digital version of the Automotive Ethernet Congress was able to assemble the industry experts to engage and discuss the status and future of the In-Vehicle network,  like for example new Safety and Security requirements in zonal EE architecture.” Günter Sporer, Director of Marketing, Systems and Applications Automotive Ethernet Solutions, NXP Semiconductors

"A very focused and interesting event. Organized perfectly bridging the gap between "virtual" and "on-site" almost perfectly."

"Perfect platform for Automotive Ethernet industry's experts to get together and exchange information."

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